Albers and the Square

Homage to the Square is a collective exploration of color and spatial relationships, in which Albers limited himself to square formats, solid colors, and precise geometry, yet was able to achieve a seemingly endless range of visual effects. - from the Met Museum

Josef Albers was a German-born American artist. His series Homage to the Square experimented with how different colors looked when placed together in different combinations. He chose to use the square shape for its "neutrality", believing that the common shape would not distract viewers from experiencing the color.

The simplicity of his materials (squares) lend itself easily to teaching young children. This is a project you can do at home or in your classroom with relative ease and endless color combinations.

Kids + Music + Photography = Amazing

These students paired original musical compositions with photography from the Carnegie Museum of Art and I am blown away by how amazing they are! Check out the video, it's truly inspirational!

If you want, you should try creating your own composition paired with a work of art. Listen to the Ms. Dorris as she talks about how her students composed their pieces and consider these aspects as you and your child compose a piece of your own.

Water & Ink Paintings

This morning as we skimmed through Facebook we found this great video of an ink on water process that makes the most magical paintings. I showed the video to my son and he was amazed. He wanted to know "how do they do that?!" So we made our own version. It's a little more kid friendly (if you've ever worked with ink you'll understand) and we used materials that you probably already have around the house.

Here are the directions...

Tell me a story - story telling through art

The Widow, Botero 1997

The Getty Museum has some great resources for teachers. Here is one of their ideas- have your kids make up a story about the famous image above. You can use any image of your choice, I chose this Botero because  my kids love his style of characters.

Here are some questions to get your child started
:Where is this story taking place?
:Who is the story about?
:What is the name of the cat?

Here are some story prompts
:Ernesto always wanted to play with the kitty, but today Mama said no. They were going to the...
:Sara quietly sat on the floor next to her Mama, she was thinking about...
:Max spotted something shiny on top of the table, he moved a little closer to look at it, and then...
:Molly was a plump and fuzzy cat who loved her family very much. On Saturdays Molly would always...


Gardner Museum Heist Update

I can't believe I completely forgot to add this podcast on the Gardner Museum heist to my post yesterday! I'm a big fan of Stuff You Missed In History Class, for reasons you can probably guess (history nerd).

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